20 liters/acre to hit fruit trees? Mr. Lin: I use 1.5 liters/acre to manage 3000 acres of oranges

Nov 09 , 2022

Among the 10,000 catties of oranges harvested by Mr. Lin, there are less than 2 catties of ulcers or thrips, and the fruit commodity rate is over 95%.


Plant protection of red spiders is difficult, and it is necessary to increase the water consumption, but Mr. Lin can control it with a spray volume of 1.5-2 liters per acre. He basically uses 2-3 times of medication in the whole process to basically control red spiders. According to the occurrence of red spiders, the interval It takes 5-7 days for severe cases, and 10-15 days for mild cases. There is no need to add red spider agrochemical every time. On the basis of ensuring cost and efficacy, it is concluded that Boss Lin's unique strategy is to combine mechanical and technical agents.



Choose EAVISION drone sprayer, the fog can be as fine as 10 microns, the droplets are evenly distributed, the penetrating power is strong, and the wind field drives the droplets to cover the back of the leaf.


Master professional plant protection technology and orchard planting technology, and carry out effective prevention and control in the best window period for the occurrence of pests and diseases.


Use regular channels to purchase high-quality medicines, combine with auxiliary agents, and rotate medicines to prevent resistance.


The number of droplets produced by 10 microns of 2L water is 100 times that of 100 microns of 20L water.



The wind field drives the fog droplets to cover the back of the leaf


The minimum droplet size of the EAVISION room temperature mist nozzle is as low as 10 microns. Such a small droplet size can be achieved by the action of the wind field: suspended in the air for a certain period of time, the suspended droplets are hoisted by the proximity effect. Go from bottom to top.


Effectively help the liquid to adhere to the back of the crop leaves, so as to achieve immersive coverage of the entire crop canopy, especially for crops with denser and thicker canopies, this immersive shroud effect is more obvious. Achieve the effect of penetrating the crop canopy and even a good leaf back cover.


Fog droplets larger than 100 microns, using 10-20L/acre spray, settle quickly in the air, especially under the blessing of the wind field of the drone, the droplets will fall directly on the ground or in the crop canopy. If it is blocked, it has no penetrability, and the uneven distribution of droplets is easy to accumulate and easily cause phytotoxicity.

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