EAVISION Agriculture Drones Effectively Control Summer Pests and Diseases

Jul 05 , 2022

Toksun jujube trees cover an area of more than 15,000 hectares and produce 10,000 tons. The summer climate in Turpan is hot, which is a season of high incidence of various insects. The jujube tree canopy is high, and the severe insect infestation combined with the complex and hot working environment has become the first problem that plagues the long-term high-quality development of the jujube industry. Among them, jujube diseases and insect pests will cause a large number of fruit drop, resulting in reduced jujube fruit quality and yield, and seriously affecting the annual harvest of growers.


To this end, farmers in Xinjiang entrusted EAVISION to provide local jujube farmers with unmanned aerial vehicle plant protection socialization services, and adopted the method of comprehensive unified defense and intelligent forecasting to control the key production areas of the county.


In terms of monitoring, we adopt accumulated temperature prediction, yellow board monitoring and measurement, intelligent pest monitoring and reporting lights, meteorological monitoring equipment, and pest trapping and reporting instruments, and reasonably set up 300 pest and disease monitoring points in jujube orchards throughout the county (the area of each monitoring point is controlled within 5 -10 acres, 20 yellow boards are hung before and after the flight defense of each monitoring point, and the monitoring points are arranged according to the requirements of the third-party supervision unit, and the yellow boards are hung), and focus on monitoring the No. 1 disease of jujube trees. Insect infestation, try to ensure that all areas are covered. After each flight control, hang yellow boards at different time periods and in different areas (the hanging yellow boards start from the second time, and the yellow boards need to be hung before and after each flight control for comparison) to monitor pests and diseases. All information Summarize it to the EAVISION smart agriculture platform, and adjust the next control plan according to the monitoring situation of the third-party supervision unit to ensure the best control effect. Industrial development provides long-term data support. The unified prevention and control work has been carried out for the second time, and the development process is smooth. The control effect has been well received by local farmers and supervisory units, laying the foundation for the high yield and bumper harvest of jujube trees in Toksun City.


In this project of unified prevention and control of jujube pests and diseases, the EAVISION UAV flew with multiple aircrafts in a complex operating environment, and efficiently completed the task of unified prevention and control, and the effect of disease and insect pest control was remarkable. EAVISION has carried out a variety of crops and various types of complex terrain flight defense missions in Xinjiang, and EAVISION drones have gradually appeared in the field of vision of Xinjiang farmers. We will continue to speak with results, and truly bring peace of mind and peace to Xinjiang farmers. rest assured.


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