Yunnan | EAvision Technology Energy is Injected into Agricultural Production in Mountainous Areas

Mar 31 , 2022

On March 25th, EAVISION carried out an intelligent drone plant protection flight control test on crops on the slopes of the mountainous area, injecting scientific and technological energy into the spring ploughing.




The technicians are debugging EAVISION's new plant protection drone, EA-30X. After setting the relevant parameters, they poured the potion mixed with plant protection pesticides into the water tank of the drone, and then the drone took off and the established schedule. Route, spray the potion evenly on the fruit trees at 2-10 meters above the base.




EAVISION project manager Wang Yuhui said: "The equipment can work up to 80 hectares a day, which is 30 to 50 times that of ordinary manual labor. Especially in field operations, the daily workload can reach 202 to 323 acres."



EAVISION's new intelligent plant protection drone is specially designed for spraying pesticides on crops in hilly and mountainous fields. It is suitable for complex terrain such as flats, hills, hills, depressions, etc. Remote control low-altitude flight application of crops such as gardens. The drone can also respond quickly, avoid obstacles autonomously, and adjust the water output of the sprinkler according to the growth of the crops.



Wang Yuhui said: "This time I came to the orchard for a test flight, and the expected effect was achieved. It can be clearly seen that the upper, middle and lower layers of the canopy have uniform distribution of drugs, which are very strong against common bacterial pests attached to fruit trees. destructive effect.”



Compared with traditional farming relying on pure human production, smart drones have the characteristics of wide adaptability, water and medicine saving, high efficiency, and high precision. At the same time, the operator is far away from the spraying environment during operation, making the human body less susceptible to drugs. The use of plant protection agents has a good protective effect on the ecological environment. The successful test of the EAVISION UAV in the field has played a positive role in promoting agricultural production and ecological environmental protection in the frontier mountainous areas.

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