Create a New Model of Agricultural and Forestry Applications, EAVISION and LINKEDA have Reached a Strategic Cooperation

Aug 04 , 2022

Recently, Wang Xinyu, chairman of EAVISION, and his party negotiated with Hunan LINKEDA Agriculture and Forestry Technology Service Co., Ltd. on the joint research and development of high-precision technology for pine wood nematode census. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on research and development directions and cooperation models, reached a preliminary consensus and signed a cooperation framework agreement.



Pine wood nematode is the most dangerous and destructive forest disease in the global forest ecosystem, and it is also the harmful organism that causes the largest forest loss in my country. At present, technological innovation and application are the focus and difficulty of pine wood nematode control. The clarity, accuracy and image interpretation of identification have a direct impact on the census and statistical work of dead pine, and play a key role in the removal and treatment effect. However, due to the complex terrain of the mountain field, the vast area of pine forests, and the huge number of pine trees, it has increased the difficulty of identifying diseased and dead trees and the difficulty of plant protection. This is undoubtedly a test of recognition technology.



At the meeting, Chairman Wang Xinyu showed LINKEDA the main technical advantages such as binocular vision system and visual perception algorithm. The route planning algorithm of EAVISION can generate monitoring and prevention tasks, and also provides a small target detection algorithm platform for agricultural and forestry scenarios, which can quickly and accurately identify dead and discolored wood, as well as GPS coordinates. With the precise spraying and precise control of the EAVISION plant protection drone, the prevention and control tasks are carried out according to the identified location of the diseased wood and key prevention and control areas. At the same time, the EAVISION drone has the functions of autonomous obstacle avoidance and ground imitation flight, which can be carried out more safely and efficiently. Complex terrain operations; CCMS room temperature mist mist system can easily penetrate the tree canopy and achieve the best control effect.



Korean pine forest plant protection


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