Liaoning | Promoting the Mechanization of Hazelnut Plant Protection

Aug 18 , 2022

Liaoning Tieling hazelnut planting has a long history and is known as "China's hazelnut capital". Hazel is widely grown in the local area and is one of the main sources of income for local farmers. A large number of hazel trees are planted in hills and mountains, plant protection is difficult, and inorganic availability is a problem for hazel farmers.


In short supply, explore the digitization of hazel planting


The mechanization and digitalization of mountain planting is slow, and artificial plant protection is still the mainstream.


As a local experienced plant protector, Mr Zhu based on his understanding of the local planting situation and his own planting experience, decided to devote himself to developing the mechanization of hazel tree planting for the current situation that no inorganic plant is available.


From the first time he came into contact with the EAVISION drone and carried out plant protection for his hazel tree, he saw the good effect and high efficiency brought by the use of drone plant protection. Under his demonstration role, plant protection orders from nearby hazel farmers also began to fly to Mr Zhu in an endless stream.


Water saving, labor saving, safety and efficiency, and full coverage of orchards with drones


For the plant protection scheme of the combination of hazelnut medicine and machine, Mr Zhu concluded: There are basically no breathing holes on the front of hazel leaves, and most of the breathing holes are on the back of the leaves, and the traditional spraying method is difficult to hit the liquid medicine to the leaves. Back, so lead to poor absorption, poor control effect. EAVISION UAV can effectively send the liquid medicine to the back of the leaves and the tree trunks for all-round coverage. At the same time, the small particle size of the spray droplets of the medicine is more conducive to the rapid absorption of plants, and there is no need to worry even if it rains.


It takes 6-7 people a day to spray 100 acres of hazel trees, and it only takes half a day for one unit to operate with EAVISION drones, and the saving of working hours is obvious.


Throughout the operation season, Mr Zhu has been busy running around in various villages and towns and in the mountains, racing against time to seize the best period of prevention and control for hazel farmers. In the case of a large number of transitions, the average number of acres of work per month is easy. Reaching 4,000 mu, and obtaining a high return of more than 40,000 monthly net income.

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