EAVISION Smart Agriculture | What is the status of entrepreneurial farmers born in the 1990s?

Sep 22 , 2022

Witness the effect of pecan plant protection in hometown, determined to join EAVISION to study plant protection technology



In October 2020, Mr Zhang came into contact with the EAVISION drone for the first time in the hickory forest in Lin'an. Hickory generally grows on extremely complex and steep cliffs. Plant protection is extremely difficult, and people are injured every year. EAVISION's plant protection performance in pecan plant protection made Mr Zhang's eyes shine. Using mechanical plant protection can not only break the no-man's land, but also greatly improve work efficiency. His yearning for technology made him quickly decide to join EAVISION's local team, learned plant protection skills from scratch and became an excellent pilot.


In the early days of becoming a pilot, the life of leaving early and returning home in the scorching sun also made him think about giving up. With the support of his family and the encouragement of the company, he concentrated on learning professional techniques and focusing on the practice of plant protection.


Self-employment monthly income of 100,000 yuan, Witnessing young makers born in the 1990s



▲Mr Zhang and his family

During the two years of working in EAVISION, Mr Zhang's professional plant protection technology and theoretical knowledge gradually matured. Based on his deep understanding of the plant protection service format, he came up with the idea of starting a business. After comacresnicating with the company's leaders, he obtained business resources and after-sales services. With the support of security, his family has also actively participated in this business, and his plant protection service business has gradually developed and is on the right track.


Summer is the peak of economic crops such as tea gardens and pecans. Mr Zhang and his family usually go out early in the morning and return late at night. Every day, 2-3 drones fly in the mountains of Zhejiang, day and night. In the past two months in summer, they served more than 100 customers, with an operating area of 15,000 acres, and the income from plant protection alone was about 200,000 yuan.


There is no secret to success, "three good services" are standard



Mr Zhang summed up his successful entrepreneurial experience: First, a good product, the right drone can fly in complex terrain such as tea gardens and pecans, and the plant protection effect is good, so that customers and orders are increasing day by day; Second, good service, efficient The plant protection service and timely after-sales service are the source of his good reputation; the third is a good plan. After each service is completed, he will pay a return visit to the customer, understand the needs, find out the deficiencies in the service, check the leaks and fill the gaps, and constantly optimize himself plant protection service plan. The "three good" complement each other, and the current success is achieved.


Mr Zhang is pleased to tell us that after the peak season operation this year, he plans to expand personnel and conduct plant protection training to prepare for expanding the scope of services and improving service efficiency next year. Technology is changing the life of every farmer, and supporting new farmers to start their own business is one of the ways for technology companies to help rural revitalization, and it is also a requirement for technology companies in the strategy of promoting agriculture through technology. EAVISION will continue to use technology to light up agriculture, according to Brighten the path of success for every agricultural worker who has dreams and dares to work hard.

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