EAVISION appeared in China's agricultural high-tech achievement trading activities, and technology escorted high-standard farmland

Aug 29 , 2022


2022 China Agricultural High-tech Achievements Trading Activities


In order to explore new mechanisms and models for the transformation and application of agricultural scientific and technological achievements and promote the deep integration of production, education and research, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province held the "2022 China Agricultural High-tech Achievements Trading Event" from August 24 to 26. The trading activities focus on modern agriculture, smart agriculture and green and low-carbon agriculture, create a platform for agricultural scientific and technological achievements to connect with the market, carry out agricultural high-tech achievements exhibitions and project transaction roadshows, investment and financing activities in the field of agricultural science and technology, and promote on-site transactions of agricultural scientific and technological achievements. EAVISION drones appeared at the event site, showing the elegance of high-tech agricultural machinery.




High-standard farmland EAVISION drone flight defense display


In 2021, the construction of high-standard farmland in Lanhuatang will be integrated with industrial development. After completion, it will carry 500 mu of high-quality rice experimental base, 1,000 mu of unmanned farm, and 550 mu of waxy corn variety experimental area. At the same time, as the experimental incubation base of Nanjing National Agricultural Innovation Center, it actively connects with key laboratories to effectively ensure the application of new agricultural technologies and new varieties.


In this event, the EAVISION drone appeared on the high-standard farmland of Lanhuatang in Pukou District, Nanjing, showing the high-tech technology and flying protection technology independently developed by EAVISION. The staff also introduced the EAVISION drone to the leaders and personnel present. Simple and easy-to-understand operation methods, as well as scientific and efficient whole-process plant protection programs.




The key to agricultural modernization is the modernization of agricultural science and technology, and science and technology are the primary productive forces. In recent years, China has attached great importance to the development of science and technology agriculture, vigorously promoted the process of agricultural mechanization, and accelerated the transformation of agricultural development methods. EAVISION actively makes agricultural plant protection simple and intelligent, and formulates appropriate plant protection plans according to local conditions to help growers increase crop yields and improve operational efficiency.

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